Introduction to Shared Units

One of this website’s goals is to share robust examples of units developed by Catholic school teachers using a unit template that supports faith integration. Teachers create grade level units following the criteria established to safeguard the two critical dimensions of these units: 1) faithfulness to Church teachings and Catholic worldview in relation to the integration of Catholic identity elements, and 2) fidelity to the academic rigor required by the Catholic School Standards. Completed units are carefully reviewed -- using the Unit Review Criteria -- first by peers, then by reviewers selected and trained by a trained unit review committee.

In early 2015, mathematical lessons will be added this website. These lessons provide examples and ideas to teachers on the integration of our Catholic faith into the teaching of mathematics. The examples that will be provided are designed to meet the Mathematical Practice Standards of the Common Core State Standards.

While units posted on the web site have been vetted using the specified criteria, Catholic educators must nevertheless exercise the same reflective, professional judgment they use for selecting, adapting, and teaching any curriculum materials within the context and culture of their school communities. The teacher authors of these units have generously shared these units with their colleagues to help increase rigorous, Catholic identity-integrated teaching and learning. They also recognize that their colleagues may need to adapt the units in appropriate ways. Materials, texts, strategies, and activities that work well in one Catholic school context, may not be deemed appropriate in another.

Finally, websites change. Websites that are listed as resources in the units at the time the unit is approved and posted on this site. Local educators must review the websites as they use and adapt the units, and to eliminate any that may have changed in unacceptable ways, as well as to add additional websites as appropriate.
As units continue to be developed through CICI, they will also be shared on this website.

Math Lessons

ELA Unit Plans