Overview of CCCII (2012-2013)

CCCII was established to empower Catholic schools and dioceses to:
  • Effectively use the Common Core standards, within the culture and context of a Catholic school curriculum, and  
  • Integrate faith/principles/values/social justice themes consistent with Catholic identity and mission into the curriculum they developed using the Common Core.

Initial sponsors supported working conferences in June 2012 (Atlanta) and July 2013 (Nashville), as well as related materials and the development of the CCCII website.  These sponsors included:

Boston College, Barbara and Patrick Roche Center for Catholic Education, Lynch School of Education,
Catapult Learning
Loyola University Chicago, Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education, School of Education
Mind Streams
National Catholic Educational Association
Riverside Publishing
Rowland Reading Foundation
William H. Sadlier, Inc.
St. John's University, NY, School of Education
Sisters of the Presentation Dubuque, IO

The following process occurred:

Phase 1: Gather approximately 35 practitioners and curriculum and catechetical experts to pilot a CCCII ELA Unit development process to be shared with the larger Catholic educational community. (June 2012)

Phase 2: Revise and refine the unit development process so that it can be replicated in dioceses around the country.

Phase 3: Invite participation in development of additional CCCII ELA Units by Catholic educators around the country. (July 2013)

The following products resulted:

Phase 1: Utilize the expertise and strength of experienced and innovative teachers to develop complete units/exemplars that join Catholic identify with the Common Core curriculum standards. Utilize the expertise of CCCII leaders to develop supporting resources and guidelines. (June 2012)

Phase 2: Post shared units, guidelines, and resources developed for and during the June 2012 launch for open access by Catholic educators on the Catholic School Standards Project Website www.catholicschoolsstandards.org). (July 2012)  [Moved to CCCII-online in October 2013]

Phase 3: Expand shared units and Catholic Identity resources available for use by local Catholic schools. (June-July 2013 and on-going)  Units developed during the Nashville working conference are being reviewed and revised for future posting.

Cure for the Common Core Workshops

Additional workshops for Catholic school teachers in July 2013  focused on instructional strategies aligned with the higher order thinking  skills emphasized in  the Common Core State Standards.  The conferences were held in West Palm Beach, FL, Palm Springs, CA, and Indianapolis, IN.  

Sponsors for the Cure for the Common Core workshops included:

FACTS Management, a NELNET company
Loyola University Chicago, Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education, School of Education
National Catholic Educational Association
Rowland Reading Foundation