There is no research that shows these standards are effective. Why would we adopt something that is not research based?

These standards are more evidence based than most previous standards. The research includes the following: data on what knowledge and skills are required of students entering college and workforce training programs, assessment data identifying college and career ready performance and comparisons to standards from high performing states and nations. In English Language Arts and Literacy, the standards are based on the NAEP Frameworks in reading and writing, which draw on extensive scholarly research and evidence. In mathematics, the standards draw on conclusions from TIMSS and other studies of high performing countries and states.

When Catholic schools use any set of standards they must monitor the effectiveness of them.  Measuring student progress and achievement is critically important.  Without continuous monitoring of student learning no set of standards is useful.

Monitoring of student learning and achievement should be done in a variety of ways.  No one measure can be used for effective measurement.  Communication to parents about how student learning is being measured and how students are progressing is important for any Catholic school to be successful.