Unit Template With Descriptions

The original Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative Design Committee included six members: Lorraine A. Ozar, Ph.D. (Chair); Susan Abelein, Ph.D.; Laura Egan; Carole Eipers, D.Min.; Mary Jane Krebbs, Ph.D.; and Sr. Leanne Welch, PBVM. Over several months, this team developed a unit template and supporting resources for creating K-8 English/Language Arts (ELA) units based on the Common Core State Standards for ELA/Literacy and integrating elements of Catholic identity such as Catholic beliefs, Gospel values, and principles of Catholic Social Teaching. With the epansion to Catholic Identity Curriculum Intgration (including all rigorous academic standards chosen by schools and dioceses), the template was revised by Michelle P. Lia, Ed.D. to accommodate Catholic identity integration into any standards-based, rigorous curriculum.