Unit Development Guidelines

For each element in the original CCCII ELA Unit Template, the Design Committee developed a Guidelines Sheet to inform and assist teachers about creating that particular element in the template. The Unit Guidelines Sheets provide teachers with operating concepts and principles related to the particular unit element, examples and non-examples, design tips for developing the element, and additional resources.  The Unit Guidelines, although originally developed with the CCSS in mind, reflect best practice in effective curriculum and instruction, and are thus applicable for use in developing rigorous curriculum based on multiple appropriate standards. For schools and dioceses that have chosen rigorous standards other than the Common Core State Standards, replace references to "Common Core" with "the relevant Standards." 

You may download each element individually, or the entire set at the bottom of the page.

1. Steps for Developing Units
2. Overall Unit Design
3. Topic & Theme
4. Timeframe
5. Description
6. Overview
7. Text Complexity & Selection
8. Common Core Standards
9. Catholic Identity Elements
10. Essential Question
11. Writing Objectives
12. Vocabulary
13. Summative Assessment
14. Instructional Activities (Flow of Instruction)
15. Instructional Resources & Technology
16. Cross Curricular Links (coming soon)

Download the complete set of CICI Unit Guidelines: