CICI Design Introduction

tabletsOne of the primary goals of Catholic Identity Curriculum Integration (CICI) is to develop and disseminate frameworks, guidelines, and resources to assist teachers and school leaders as they develop their curriculum to integrate elements of Catholic identity into rigorus standards.  Key CICI resources include the Unit Template, Unit Review Rubric, and Unit Developmenet Guidelines.  Originally, when the CCCII project began, these resources were developed in relation to the Common Core State Standards as the standards-based reference.  As the project expanded to include the developmentment of Catholic identity integration using other rigorous standards as the reference, CICI revised the Unit Template and the Unit Review Rubric so that these documents could be used with multiple standards.  The Guidelines were not revised since they refer to elements in backward design unit development and are appropriate for use with the revised Unit Template.  Hence, users will note that the new CICI logo appears on the revised unit template and rubric; the former CCCII logo remains on the Guideliness.